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Cute Little Ceramic Bud Vase

Cute Little Ceramic Bud Vase
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Item #:FC8735
Regular Price:$6.63
1 - 15 $6.63 each
16 - 35 $5.62 each
36 - 71 $4.17 each
72 or more $3.76 each

This bud vase beauty makes it easy to fill the room with flowers and smiles. Talk about a favor overachiever. This cute little bud vase not only holds flowers in it, it also has a flower on it. Check out the cute flower shape at its rim! Plus, this is white so it goes with EVERYTHING, it's ceramic so it's sturdy and easy to clean and it has a unique shape - like a flower that's ready to bloom. We told you it was special!

*Each measures 4.25" x 2"
*Crafted in white ceramic
*Squared off bottom and slight taper make it mirror the shape of a just-bloomed flower
*At the rim is a sculpted five-petal flower

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Cute Little Ceramic Bud Vase