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Fall Wedding Flowers

By: Karen Lincoln

If you imagined a fall wedding with no choices for a bouquet beyond carrying a pot of bright yellow chrysanthemums down the aisle, you will be pleased to find the many varieties of elegant fall wedding flowers- that don't come in flower pots. Flowers with warm autumn colors including shades of wine, cranberry, deep yellows and oranges are often available without special ordering. And even if you are looking to use pink, peach, apricots or lavenders, there are several varieties of fall wedding flowers to choose from.

Popular Varieties of Fall Wedding Flowers

Calla lilies have grown in popularity with their many color and size varieties including rusty oranges and dark reds. Calla lilies have a mini version that are a frequent accent flower to bouquets or can be pulled together in a modern and creative looking bouquet with its unique cone-like shape. The larger blossom variety of this flower tied with a coordinating satin or tulle ribbon can make an excellent single flower bouquet for your bridesmaids.

Bright, lipstick red roses are a traditional favorite but by selecting different tones of red such as deep red roses or black beauty roses, your fall wedding flowers carry the autumn theme a little truer to its palette. If you know you will be going down the red path, ask your florist to have some live rose samples in various shades of red ahead of time so that you can get an up close impression of the color options. The dark red fall wedding flowers can capture the warmth of autumn and offer the classic elegance of a rose.

Colorful Fall Wedding Flowers

Gerber daisies, lilies and hydrangeas are colorful, cost efficient fall wedding flowers. These blossoms come in a wide assortment of colors and bloom sizes. Gerber daisies have a fun and simple personality and have some of the boldest, natural colors to choose from. Lilies are often thought of as white, springy flowers but there are many elegant fall varieties in deep wines and yellows. Lilies also have blossoms in large and mini versions that can work for any bouquet. Hydrangeas are typically large, colorful blooms with dozens of petals on every blossom that can be great for the flower girl's basket.

Sunflowers in bloom are the sure sign that summer is coming to an end. These warm, bright yellow and orange hued sunflowers have giant varieties great for decorative arrangements and smaller, elegant versions that are great focal pieces to your bouquet.

Autumn Whites

Fall wedding flowers don't have to be full of bright or deep colors. All white bouquets with Bianca white roses, white Gerber daisies and ivory calla lilies are meant for a bride's bouquet. Gardenia's are often fragile and can be pricey but are very classic wedding flowers. And while typically thought of for spring, white delphiniums, peonies and sweet peas can be excellent choices as well.

When meeting with your florist you should try to have your color palette in mind so that you don't let the type of flower you want and the colors available decide your entire wedding theme. If you are selecting fall wedding flowers, there are many varieties, styles and colors to choose from whether you want bright, classic or elegant arrangements.

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Fall Wedding Flowers