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Wedding Favor Boxes/Jars

Use wedding favor boxes or jars and fill them with a sweet treat. Use candy, mints, chocolates, nuts, or miniature cookies. Not only are they great favors but practical as well. They are a keepsake that your guests will use over and over again. Your guests are sure to leave with a smile on their face and won't be able to wait to open these practical and beautiful favors.
Our Wedding Favor boxes and Jars come in different shapes, colors, and some with accents. You are sure to find the perfect one for your wedding.
Some assembly is required
NOTE: Due to the bulkiness of our glass items, shipping costs may greatly exceed the posted rates. In these cases
you will be contacted with the exact shipping rates before we process the order.

Wedding Glass Jars- Bell Shaped with Fluted White Base (Pack of 4)As low as: $15.96 each
Cupcake Boxes (Pack of 24)
Glass Bottle Favors (Pack of 12)As low as: $13.12 each
Mini Glass Candy Jars with Lids & Stickers (Pack of 12)As low as: $13.12 each
Miniature Wooden Box with Lid "Tree Design " (Pack of 6)As low as: $14.94 each
Vintage Style Favor Boxes Wrapping Kit (Pack of 12)
Red Favor Boxes- Seta Rosso (Set of 10)
Jewel Footed Wooden Boxes with Aged White Finish (Pack of 7)As low as: $11.25 each
"LOVE" Cube Favor Boxes with Charming Aged Print (Pack of 10)As low as: $4.50 each
Heart Shaped Candy Containers w/ StickersAs low as: $13.50 each
Satin Silver Box (Set of 24)
Woven Heart Shaped Box with Lid (Pack of 6)As low as: $5.50 each
Miniature Classic Candy Jar Salt and Pepper As low as: $1.77 each
Filigree Favor Boxes (Set of 25)
Dynamic Design Favor Boxes in White and Black (Set of 25)
Sweet Bird House Favor Box (pack of 12)As low as: $10.92 each
Bride & Groom Candy Favor Bags (Pack of 12)As low as: $15.92 each
Reversible Announcement Wrap Favor Boxes (Pack of 25)
Black Tux and White Gown Favor Boxes (Set of 25)
Organic Green 2 Piece Woven Favor Boxes (Set of 6)As low as: $5.58 each
Mr. and Mrs. Truffle Boxes (Pack of 25)
Scalloped Favor Boxes (Pack of 25)
Asian Take Out Boxes (pack of 6)As low as: $6.50 each
Golden Lac Boxes with Beads and Mirror (Set of 4)As low as: $15.50 each
"Miles of Memories" Suitcase Favor Tins with Optional Personalized Labels(Set of 12) As low as: $22.88 each
Personalized Wedding Glass Favor Jars (Set of 12)As low as: $23.12 each
Clear Cellophane Cone Shaped Bags (Pack of 100)
Miniature Beveled Mirror Box with Lid (Pack of 4)As low as: $13.92 each
Miniature Travel Trolley with Wheels and Retractable Handle (pack of 6)As low as: $10.94 each
Gift Box for Stemless Wine Glass (Set of 12)
Transparent Clear Favor Boxes (Set of 10)
Frost Cube Favor Box (set of 10)

Wedding Favor Boxes/Jars