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Ideas for a Unique Wedding Theme

By: Shauna Arthurs

Choosing and planning your wedding theme is one of the most fun and creative parts of wedding planning.

Wedding themes can express the imagination of the bride and groom (or wedding planner) and can re-create
any setting, from ancient Greece to an underwater paradise.

While most wedding themes are less extravagant than this and usually reflect a color scheme or perhaps a
season, we have seen some fabulous and original wedding themes over the years. For brides looking for
creative ideas, here are some to get you started:

  • Fairytale: While a Cinderella theme is most common in this category, there are plenty of other options.
    Cinderella themes can be carried out with such 'props' as glass slipper favors, a carriage wedding cake
    and a horse and carriage to draw the happy couple away to their honeymoon or from the church to the

  • Color schemes: From black and gold to silver and white, or even red and pink for a Valentine's theme,
    color schemes are a fairly easy and effective way to create a theme fro your wedding. You can color
    co-ordinate your bridesmaids' dresses, the flowers and ribbons, and even the table decorations and

  • Tropical: Whether you go with gorgeous tropical flower arrangements or a sandy beach theme,
    a tropical wedding theme allows your guests to feel as if they're being whisked away to a tropical
    paradise. Add some bamboo torches and a calypso band and the illusion is complete!

  • Mediterranean: Turquoise and shades of blue, with shimmering candles and all white linens…can you
    picture it? Add some belly dancers for entertainment and you have a Mediterranean-themed reception
    your guests will never forget.

  • Underwater: Hang fishing nets with shells and sparkly fish…offer water-related favors and give bubble-
    blowers to the children, and you'll have a lovely and fun underwater theme. There is lots you can do to
    create an 'under the sea' feel, so just get creative!

  • Fantasy: Weddings are occasions where a bride can indulge the little girl inside, wearing a fantasy dress
    and planning a magical celebration. Many brides create a fantasy wedding, and there are endless
    possibilities here. From hiring a magician to adding sparkles or rainbows, you can do anything in this category,
    as long as it fulfills your fantasies!

  • Butterfly: From confetti to favors, from napkins to centerpieces, incorporating a butterfly theme is whimsical
    and enchanting. Pin little butterflies (not real!) on the walls or on linens, offer little butterfly pins. We've
    also seen this done with dragonflies or fairies.

  • Hawaiian: Hibiscus flowers, laeis and tropical Hawaiian music floating on the air…aaah, your guests will
    love it! Hire some professional Hawaiian dancers and the mood is complete. Tuscan: Rustic yellows, wine
    and grape vines, and sunflowers are just the beginning. Research Tuscany and Tuscan décor and you'll
    come up with plenty of ideas for this theme.

  • Diamonds are forever: Add some sparkle and pizazz to your celebration with a diamonds theme. Little
    diamond-shaped sparkly confetti, diamond ring charms or key chains for favors, and a champagne
    fountain will help you get started. You can also do this with other gems or with pearls.

There are so many ideas and possibilities this list cannot possibly be exhaustive, and we hope we've given you
a great start. You'll find even more ideas at, and be sure to check out the
recommended Wedding Planning Guides. Happy wedding planning!

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Ideas for a Unique Wedding Theme