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Titanium or Tungsten Wedding Bands
By: Sandra Aguilar

Wedding bands are an important part of the wedding ceremony. It symbolizes love, commitment, and an
everlasting reminder of your union. There are many styles and designs to choose from, as well as various types
of metals. Nontraditional metals such as titanium and tungsten are becoming popular among engaged couples.
These wedding bands are lighter in weight, stronger than steel, highly resistant, and extremely affordable.

Titanium- Lighter than Steel
Due to its durability and beautiful color, titanium has become a popular metal for wedding bands. It is not a
rare or expensive metal but it has its advantages. It is lighter than steel, yet three times stronger and weighs
1/3 less than gold. It is hypoallergenic, will not rust over time, and highly resistant to dents and bending. Although,
harsh materials can scratch it, it can easily look like new when polished or taken to a jeweler to re-finish it.
Men favor titanium wedding bands because of its light weight feel.

Titanium Wedding Band Colors
Titanium is a white metal with a tint of gray but a few shades darker than platinum and white gold. The classic
colors of titanium are gray and black with a polished finish- shiny, mirror-like; and satin finish- similar to a brushed
finish with visible texture, and less bright in appearance. You can also choose to have your wedding band
colored, which is called colored titanium. Another option if you want to be set apart from the crowd is the black
diamond coating- made in durable black diamond treated titanium.
Due of its composition, titanium rings cannot be re-sized.

Tungsten- Newest Metal for Wedding Bands
Tungsten is one of the newest metals to the wedding band jewelry industry. It has several fine qualities, which
makes this metal extremely popular. It is resistant to corrosion, four times tougher than titanium, twice as hard
as steel, and extremely dense. It will not bend, but due to its hardness, it cannot be re-sized. The color is a very
attractive light gray, similar to the color of steel and it is bright and reflective when polished. Depending on
the wedding band style chosen, these bands are very inexpensive. Thus, tungsten wedding bands are visually
stunning and can endure everyday use.

Selecting Your Tungsten Wedding Band
Before choosing your tungsten wedding band make sure to ask your jeweler, which metal was used in the
finishing or binding process. Some use cobalt and others use nickel, but some wedding bands are pure tungsten.
The difference between the three is that cobalt is the cheaper way to go, but the ring will result in oxidation
and it is un-removable. Pure tungsten lacks the hardness and can scratch, bend or dent quite easily. The better
choice is the nickel binder; it is much tougher, will not oxidize and is hypoallergenic, so it will not irritate the skin.

Titanium vs Tungsten
When contemplating whether to choose titanium or tungsten wedding bands, remember:

Titanium is light weight, strong, highly resistant, hypoallergenic, and extremely affordable and cannot be re-sized.
You can choose from titanium, colored titanium, and black diamond titanium wedding bands.

Tungsten, the newest metal is stronger than titanium, highly resistant if finished with the nickel binding process, hypoallergenic and depending on the style or finish, it is very affordable. Tungsten wedding bands cannot be

Titanium and Tungsten Wedding Rings - These wedding bands are lighter in weight, stronger than steel,
highly resistant, and extremely affordable.

Titanium or Tungsten Wedding Bands