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Water Activated Diamond Light

Water Activated Diamond Light
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Item #:WS6003
Regular Price:$8.85
1 - 23 1 light $8.85 each
24 or more 1 light $7.83 each
Quantity: 1 light

These diamond-looking under water lights are an incredible decorating tool. With 3 LED clear white bulbs per light, the amount of illumination is amazing. These have been specifically designed for use in clear glass containers and will light up upon contact with the water. Special weighting will ensure that the light remains submerged at the bottom. Truly a brilliant addition for any table decoration. Lights will burn continuously for 40+ hours with an exceptional brilliance for the first 20 hours.

Contains 3 LED clear white bulbs per light(1 3/4" x 1 1/2"). 1 Light per pack.

If a particular color is preferred, simply add food coloring to the water.

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