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Wedding Photography to Last a Lifetime
By Amy Spade

Having pictures that you can look at in the years that follow your wedding is just one of the things that you
want to invest your money in. However, if you're on a constricted budget, there are other options for you.

Things to Consider
One of the main things to consider when it comes to photography is what you want from your pictures. Do
you want pictures of your whole family, or mainly of the two of you?

You and your soon-to-be spouse should sit down and list all of the pictures that you would like to have in your
wedding album -that is, poses for pictures. With this list, you will be able to see if you should invest in a
professional or consider other options.

Where do you want your pictures taken? Some couples like to have outdoor shots, so they will need to find
a photographer that does that as part of their services. The length of time you would like the photographer
to be at the wedding will also factor into the price.

Look at photographer samples to see if your styles match.If they don't, the photographer may recommend
someone else. They want you to have good pictures, even if it's not with them.

When You're on a Budget
If you're nervous about spending a lot of money on your photographer, but still want a lot of pictures - you're
in luck. With new and improved digital cameras, you have a better shot (no pun intended) to get great
pictures from friends and family. Subsequently, you and your spouse can choose which pictures to include
in your wedding album.

Have a good friend (who isn't in the wedding party) maybe they can volunteer to take pictures. Since digital
cameras show what the picture looks like instantly, they can take as many pictures in order to get it just right.
The quality is just as good as many professional photographers.

Another way to get a lot of good pictures is to place disposable cameras at every table. People love to take
pictures of other people, so you'll get a lot of candid shots of your relatives and friends. In addition, they are
of good quality once the pictures are printed.

It doesn't matter who takes your pictures as long as you get the ones that you want. If you want to have
someone else do it, then invest in the professional. Nevertheless, for the budget conscious, having a friend or
relative take charge is just as good.

Wedding Photography to Last a Lifetime