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Wedding Theme

Wedding Theme Author: Cynthia Ford

Selecting a special celebratory theme to mark one’s marriage is fast becoming a common trend. A theme is a
terrific way to add some fun element to make an event special. However, when it comes to choosing a theme,
couples sometimes get confused about which theme to pick for their wedding. Here are some interesting
wedding themes to choose from:

Seasonal wedding theme

Deciding a theme dedicated to the season when your wedding will be taking place is a great way to add color
to the wedding ceremony. For summer, spring, autumn and winter season, there are different theme ideas. For
example a December wedding can be decorated with poinsettia, mistletoe and pinecones to mark the holiday
mood. Moreover, the bride must find the best wedding gowns of suitable color and fabric to wear in that season.

Halloween wedding theme

This wedding theme brings loads of fun for the bride and the groom along with the guests. In this theme, the wedding reception can be turned into a masquerade ball by replacing sprinkled rice with candy corn and highlighting the
hall’s décor with bright orange and black crepe paper.

Valentine wedding theme

A Valentine wedding is the right theme to showcase the couple’s love. For a perfect touch, cover each table
top with multi colored rose petals and decorate the hall with hearts galore. For favors, you can choose vintage
valentines and candy hearts.

Medieval wedding theme

This is a theme that would be remembered for years to come. Roasted mouth watering meats must be served to
guests by servers in medieval dress code. Drinks must be served from heavy goblets and if possible hire a musical
groups skilled in medieval music and dance to entertain your guests.

Beach wedding theme

Yes, beach wedding is one of the most popular wedding themes. It is perfect for those who are interested in an
informal wedding. A wedding must be enjoyable with everything decorated and designed in a casual way. Here the
brides can wear the best and most stylish wedding gowns with trendy accessories.

Asian wedding theme

There are plenty of options to choose for an Asian theme such as Chinese theme, South Asian theme or Japanese
theme. There is one thing common in various Asian wedding themes - bright colored ribbons, papers and plenty of
flowers are used to decorate the wedding venue.

Butterfly wedding theme

If you are ready to spend lots of money, you can go for this stylish butterfly theme for your wedding.
From the wedding venue to invitation card, you can keep everything looking like a butterfly. Order a bright looking
multi-tiered wedding cake in the shape of a butterfly.

Other themes that you might consider for your wedding can include nautical, fantasy, New Years, Island, Oriental,
roaring twenties, garden wedding, 50s sock hop, ethnic theme or swinging sixties soiree.

Once the theme has been decided, you can concentrate on other things to make your wedding a successful one.
First of all depending upon the theme, choose a wedding dress that gels with it. Selecting the best wedding gowns is important as the bride is the main attraction in any wedding ceremony.

Nowadays with the popularity of the online bridal stores soaring, shopping for wedding gowns, shoes, cards, and gifts
has become easier. Browse around for wedding shoes, flowers, and wedding gowns online to get the ones that
match perfectly with your wedding theme.

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Cynthia Ford is a fashion journalist. Her articles mainly focus on how to purchase best wedding gowns
along with wedding accessories, veils, shoes and a lot more. She also provides tips for purchasing
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Wedding Theme