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Wedding Ideas, Pictures & Videos

Wedding Ideas, Pictures & Videos

We will have many beautiful, engaging, and mesmerizing photos for you to view soon.
They wil inspire many ideas for your wedding's color scheme, decorations, flowers,
wedding dresses, wedding favors and more. Ideas for Unique Wedding Theme

Also, take a look at our many videos with footage of wedding dances, wedding products,
and Do-it-yourself.

Want to submit your video, send it to If it's on,
send us the link and we'll use that video.

JK Wedding Entrance Dance

JK's wedding entrance dance to Forever...yeah, forever.
over 70 million hits!

Where are My Grease Fans?

Virginia and Brian's Wedding: Surprise First Dance (if you look carefully, you'll notice the bride's red hot sneakers, love it!)

SONGS: Michelle Tumes - Lovely (Center of My Universe)
GREASE: You're The One That I Want!

Funny Wedding Dance

This couple must of danced to 10 different songs...very funny and cute.

Heirloom Full Length Wedding Movie

If you are a bride-to-be in search of a wedding filmmaker, chances are you’ve viewed a ton of wedding trailers, but not very many “full length wedding films”. Check this out!

Erin + James//Heirloom Wedding Movie from Studio Vieux Carre on Vimeo.

The Best Wedding Songs 2011 & Mariage Quotations

If you are looking for the best wedding songs, this video is for you! The marriage quotations might come handy if you are planning a wedding speech or just need a laughter.

Wedding Ideas, Pictures & Videos